FEA Analysis

                 FEA Consultancy

Using Creo Simulate or Pro/Mechanica Structure and Motion as our principle tool to perform analyses XPT associates are able to offer Finite Element Analysis Services

Geometry can be from almost any source and when integrated with Creo Parametric & Pro/ENGINEER it becomes one of the most potent associative design tools.

Creo Simulate or Pro/Mechanica can perform sensitivity studies and optimisations. The virtual environment becomes the place to perform ‘what if’ studies. With many years experience of using analysis software in many industries, our analysts have worked on projects ranging from mobile phone components to complex dynamic analyses of landing gear, and from complete military vehicles to vehicle headlights, and from super conducting magnets to wiper blades.

If you do not have the expertise in-house... we can take your design and analyse structures under load, or analyse mechanism kinematics and dynamics. Utilising our Design and Analysis Services, you can outsource your design projects from concept through to production.

Quickly and conveniently strengthening your own engineering team with our expertise.